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Extraordinary forces were required to catapult Eliander from the physical world millennia ago; it will take extraordinary powers (or, at least, extraordinary people) to return him to realspace. Minissa, the Carotian nature goddess, searches out those seven folk who will undertake the Quest of the Lost Prince. Those whom she has chosen she marks with a small image of the creature sacred to her, the Stag of Minissa. Here's a little about the members of the original party (click on the picture or name).


Mistra   Mistra             Deneth   Deneth    Moasia  Mosaia

 Alla Alla  TorrebTorreb    Habie Habie T'Cru  T'Cru

And a few others we pick up along the way:

Sally Black Jack
 Black Jack
Mosaia's Sword Anthraticus

And where would we be without a sage to start us on our way...
and a lost prince as the object of our entire quest?




  Tuhl   ElianderEliander