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 As my one BLOG posts suggests, I was delirious when I finally held my first copy of Chalice in my hands.  I guess you could call that the yang ,or maybe the up side, of the situation.  The yin or down side is that there were errors.  Oh, well.  They will make for a definitive first edition that will make my grandkids which when they sell on ebay in 100 years.


A few do impact the integrity of the text, though, to whit


1.  Virtual Reality Error


On page 251 in the quote that heads the chapter, somehow the word "virtue" got changed to "virtual."  This specific quote is borrowed from a Buddhist text called the Dhammapada, which I adore and greatly revere.  I tinkered with a few actual religious texts so they fit the Carotian world-view; this wasn't one of them.  This was an unintentional error that apparently arose during the type-setting phase of production, and I sincerely apologize to any Buddhists who were offended.  The second half of the quote should read " . . .but the perfume of virtue travels against the wind and reaches unto the ends of the world."  A lovely thought for our time!


2. The missing superscripts


Along the way to publication, the publisher and I had to agree to disagree about the placement of footnotes in a fiction text.  Heck, Terry Pratchett does it all the time!  But she preferred to see them as endnotes, so I said OK.  Unfortunately, the superscripts that connected them to the text kept getting lost.  They appeared in the draft that went to the printer.  They disappeared in the final copy.  They also appear on a page entitled "Author's Notes," which we are trying to fix.  Though the story is fictional, I was trying to preserve the illusion that the whole quest series was written by Peri, a recurring character also known briefly as "The Chrnoicler," who appears in the prologue (kind of like the Xena Scrolls, if you were a fan of the Xena series starring Lucy Lawless, who is now an ex-Cylon.  Anyway, here they are as they should have been presented in context:


 Note 1 (regarding the sentient races in the Union) was meant to qualify a passage on page 56 in which the text discusses Mistra's companions being "elfin dwellers of the forest."  The Carotians, Lemurians, and Tigroids have been referred to as the races inhabiting the planet, and "Peri" wanted to straighten out the seeming contradiction.


Note 2 (regarding some very clearly Terran expressions used in the text) went with the "Nice shootin', Tex!" remark spouted by Mistra on page 204.  This was really meant as a "translator's note," since the great chronicle of the Quest for the Lost Prince was OF COURSE not written in English (but Mistra has by now spent some time on Earth and picked up a few Terranisms).


Note 3 (regarding a chant used by Alla beginning on page 251) was Peri's note on Mistra's attempt to translate the chant into Galactic Common.