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Image credits
"The Story" page
Chalice image courtesy of Steve Millingham, creator of beautiful pewter historical replicas.  You may visit him at www.pewterreplicas.co.ukThanks, Steve!
 Image of the Ruin drawn by my good friend Shari Meyer, who doesn't have a website but encourages the globally-minded to point their browsers toward the U.S. Baha'i website.
"Characters" and cover art
Cover art on the home page courtesy of Jeff Davis.  He has no website, but if you like his art, you can reach him at jlelanddavis@gmail.com.
Sketches of Mosaia's sword and T'Cru courtesy of Zach Castedo.  He and I are part of a team working on a game called The Seven Valleys based on some Sufi mystical texts and the book of the same name by Baha'u'llah.
Other links that may be of interest
 In May, 2007, I took a job editing at the e-publications house that publishes some of Dragon Moon's authors.  The place is called Virtual Tales; it offers its authors a good deal, and it works more like a reputable paper publishing house than a lot of outfits out there (meaning you have to submit your material like you would at a "regular" publisher, it gets reviewed, you get an actual editor if it's accepted for publication, and they maintain a fairly high standard).  They lean a little toward science fiction and fantasy but publish in all genres.  I highly recommend checking them out if you want a good read or have an interesting work of fiction to submit.  (Yes, you can drop my name.)
My friend Tara Cross has one of the neatest geyser pages out there, including great videos of Yellowstone's Giant Geyser, which reactivated in 2006 following a lull (2-3 eruptions a year) of nearly 10 years.